Justice Pak
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Justice Pak

Justice Pak

Korean Outreach Advocate

I was born in Korea. I studied Special Education in graduate school. I chose to study special education because I was the very subject of special education itself and I thought I can understand the people with disability better.

But after graduate school I chose the path of a reporter rather than a teacher. Being a reporter for the weekly newspaper for the people with disability led me to gain much insight. As I met various people with disability was a mirror to my own disabilities I faced but was denying. I was also challenged and inspired through these individuals that who have self-esteem and live independent lives with their community.

I also worked as a campaign and project manager for the people with disability at SBS (Seoul Broadcasting Systems). Through those experiences I have developed an outstanding knowledge about essential needs of the disability community. I wanted to explore what the world had in store for me. So I came to USA.

I studied film and new media production at SDSU in USA. After I graduated SDSU, I moved to LA and chose to work at Koreana News. I worked as a chief reporter and editor for the Koreana News for 9 years. As a Koreana News Reporter, I had an opportunity to meet with immigrants from different walks of life which enabled me to understand their lives.

I also have been working as an YTN LA reporter from year 2005 to 2013. YTN is a 24 hour news channel like CNN in USA. Being an YTN reporter has a special significance for me.

I had hopes every time I stood in front of TV camera. That hope was that people with disability around the world could have hope through me just as my mother gave me hope saying “you can do it.”

Now I currently work as a Peer Counselor and Korean Outreach Coordinator at Communities Actively Living Independent and Free (CALIF) since July 2011. I provide immediate and effective services including developing Independent Living Plan through assessment and sharing community referral sources and resources related to people with disability and seniors.

My job also included training daily life skills, self-advocacy, and restoring self-esteem.

I am so happy to work at CALIF, and I feel blessed. This is because CALIF is not just a work place where I work, but also has a sense of solidarity with co-workers as well as consumers who visit CALIF, and is a place where each other gives comfort, encouragement, inspiration and energy. I am ready to meet you. Please Welcome to CALIF.