Assistive Technology
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Assistive Technology

Assists individuals with disabilities in the selection, acquisition or use of assistive technology including the evaluation of AT need, providing guidance and counseling as to where to buy the proper item from the right vendors. Assistive Technology refers to devices that are used for communication, mobility, audio-visual and environmental controls, home modification or ergonomic designs at work and at home.

AT Reuse Program – The AT Reuse Program is intended to support increased reassignment of used devices to new individuals who can benefit from the devices. Under the AT Reuse Capacity Building Grant, CALIF reassigns assistive technology devices including durable medical equipment, communication devices, vision products, hearing products, mobility products or other assistive devices.

CALIF Communication Center is an administered program under Assistive Technology by CALIF through a grant awarded by California Communication Access Foundation (CCAF) in March 2011.


The CALIF Communication Center was put into operation to provide access to equipment, tools, and ways of connecting and better communication for people with disabilities. With this program, CALIF aims to expand our resources and provide quality services in utilizing the Communication Center for individuals, groups and all people with disabilities including seniors to access ‘high-tech’ or ‘low-tech’ information.

  • AT Education & Outreach
  • Assistive Technology (AT) Reuse Program
  • Positive Wheels: manual and motorized wheelchair repair
  • CALIF Communications Center (AT Grant Fund thru California Communications Access Foundation (CCAF)


Device Lending Library (AT Grant thru Edison International)

Device Lending Library (AT Grant thru Edison International’s Community Contribution, has extended to CALIF for the two years, Community Grants that has helped boost CALIF’s AT Department.) allows people with disabilities and seniors to borrow a device from the CALIF Device Lending Library to try before they purchase, compare similar devices, or use while consumers’ device is being repaired or parts are replaced under Positive Wheels Project, also under the CALIF AT ReUse Program.