Annual Appeals Giving
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Annual Appeals Giving

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Dear CALIF Board, Staff, Partners, Co-Sponsors, Allies, Donors, Vendors, Consumers, Friends and Advocates: 

After bowing our heads for thanksgiving and realizing that we still have most of our health, that most of us are not starving and that our food sources are still intact, that we can still engage in meaningful conversations and even debates, that we can earn our keep and can move about, that we still enjoy the company of families and friends, our hearts are motivated to give and to reciprocate the immense blessings received.  In other words, we are ready to express and celebrate Christmas. 

Whichever faith tradition we profess or not profess to belong to, because we are people of goodwill, a majority of us are still inspired to share the abundance of the season.  At CALIF, we have lost some friends and dear volunteers too but our work continued as we kept moving forward, never closing our office but keeping a skeleton crew available and accessible to our consumers.   

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