Cosette Case
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Cosette Case

As the Coordinator of the ADRC, I get to dream big and look at ways to get Long Term Care Services and Supports to Consumers by helping providers of these services by building a comprehensive County services network.  This is slow careful work but incredibly rewarding.

I come to the ADRC as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a keen interest in social justice through social policy enhancement.  This means I enjoy providing direct psychotherapy services as well as talking to the City, County, State and Federal government officials about the needs of persons living with disabilities and persons over 60.

Growing up with several learning disabilities and a wonderful grandmother who used a wheelchair, I have been a part of the disability community all of my life.  I have always wanted to give back to the community that has served me and family.  I graduated from USC with a Master’s in Social Work and worked at Harbor Regional Center as a case manager, at Cedars Sinai as a psychotherapist, at an ILC as the Program Administrator and in Drug Rehab as the Director of Crisis Services.  Each of these experiences has filled me with a great love for people and the concept of empowerment.