Daniel Garcia
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Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia

Systems Change Advocate–Housing

My name is Daniel Garcia and I am a Systems Change Advocate.  I am married, a father and a working member of society.  I want to empower other people with disabilities to do the same.  A large part of my job is to help people find the tools to help them succeed in their lives.  Much of my previous experience is influencing the non-disabled community to educate people in general that people with disabilities can strive and succeed.  I believe in thinking outside of the box.  I have years of experience working with people with disabilities.

As a member of the Metro Accessibility Advisory Committee, I brought the idea of educating the general public who ride on Los Angeles County transit by advising Metro via an education video on Transit TV.  Also, I successfully advocated to the Los Angeles County Paratransit system to put their pick up/drop off locations on their website for easy access to riders.

I understand their specific needs, which is why in 2015, I ran for Los Angeles City Council seat for the 12th District area to increase the visibility of people with disabilities so that we have greater voice on affordable and accessible housing.  I came in second place.

I am well versed in the different components of the law that services the community of people with disabilities as I am currently in various committees.  For example: I am member North Los Angeles County Regional Center Consumer Advisory Committee, Access Services Quality Services Subcommittee, and Communities Actively Living Independent and Free (CALIF), former Board member.

I look forward to make CALIF community stronger by advocating with them not for them.  Part of a good systems change advocate is to bring community together.  It is in this way that we are stronger and able asked thing that this community needs.

I looking forward to working with you on issues that matter the most.  For example: Affordable and accessible housing, transportation, In Home Supportive Services, and ISS COLA.