Lily Sanchez
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Lily Sanchez

Lily Sanchez

Benefits Advocate

Lily Sanchez has been a part of the Independent Living (IL) community since her early twenties.  She made her way into working for the Central Los Angeles office of the Community Rehabilitation Services where she worked as Peer Counselor and Job Developer. When the Independent Living contract was awarded to CALIF, she transferred over as a Benefits Advocate where she is doing very well as an expert on major government programs and services. With an impressive tract record of favorable Benefits appeals and applications, she has earned the respect of her colleagues and her community.  CALIF is blessed and proud to have her on staff.

The services rendered by the Benefits Advocate are but not limited to:
· Assistance with Disability Benefits under the Social Security Administration;
· Representation for people who have difficulties with government agencies servicing the disabled community
· In Home Supportive Services application process and representing with appeals;
· Work Inclusion Programs;
· Medical and Medicare Insurance Health Coverage;
· General Relief and Food stamps information.

If you need further information about services please email