Machiko Wakabayashi
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Machiko Wakabayashi

Machiko Wakabayashi

Board Member
Board member since: November 8, 2017

Hi!  My name is Machiko Wakabayashi.  I came from Japan about 20 years ago.  I work at Japanese TV weekdays, and teach math at Asahi Gakuen School on Saturdays.

I was raised by my aunt.  Down Syndrome was in my family.  It was natural for me to live with disabled people since I was born.  I had an unforgettable day, on July 16, 2002, when I met a man in wheelchair.  I met Gordon Anthony, who was a member to establish ADA, at a bus stop near the Los Angeles Central Library.  After that, for 10 years until his passing, he showed me a lot of the world of the disabled community, and I learned how much disabled people have strength we should respect.  He will continue to be part of my life and influence me until the day I die.  I began serving on the CALIF Board in December 2017.  I hope I can contribute as a Board member.

One of my dreams is to visit all 50 states. I still have 26 states remaining. When you plan to trip, please ask me!  If it is a state I have not been to, I may become your good travel mate.