Young Kwon
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Young Kwon

Young Kwon

Support Services Worker, Assistive Technology Assistant

Young Kwon, a native of South Korea, is a Support Services Worker and Assistive Technology (AT) Assistant for CALIF.  He started working at CALIF initially, as a Senior Volunteer through National Asian Pacific Center on Aging (NAPCA).  Due to his diligence at work as a volunteer, he was employed by CALIF to assist on different things for CALIF staff and consumers alike since June 2008 as Support Services Worker.

Mr. Young, as he is fondly called by everyone at CALIF, is an able and ready help at the office such as making sure there are enough refreshments/beverages such as coffee, snacks during consumer-related meetings both for CALIF consumers and volunteers and of staff.  During meetings he would assist in setting up the projector and laptop whenever needed for presentations/meetings/trainings, setting up for reserved conference rooms in the building like arranging chairs and putting up tables.  He makes sure the office is kept neat, clean, and tidy all the time.

He would help CALIF’s Assistive Technology Coordinator Sergio Garibay in the Assistive Technology department in driving for the delivery or pick up for return of AT equipment loaned or donated by our consumers or non consumers who wish to donate items to CALIF, cleaning and maintaining AT equipment and making sure they are ready for use.  He is responsible also mainly for fixing AT equipment such as power wheelchairs.  Just recently, he started his official training for power wheelchair repairs.

Mr. Young also helps with our food assistance program in collaboration with LA Regional Food bank on a weekly basis.  He is the official driver of the CALIF van which is being used by the AT Department to pick up and deliver the AT equipment and food orders distributed to our consumers on Fridays from 11am-2pm under the Food Assistance program.  He helps manage and allocate the food supply that we receive from the Food bank making sure that we distribute the right amount to most if not all of our consumers who come for food assistance.

Among other important tasks he does for CALIF, Mr. Young assists with Korean contacts, visitors, and consumers who interact with CALIF of which, some of them may not speak English fluently.  He serves as interpreter for CALIF in assisting the Korean community.

An nyoung ha seh yo! (Hello in Korean).  Thank you so much for taking the time in getting to know what I do for CALIF, and I hope you enjoy exploring our website.