Corona virus precautions at CALIF
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Corona virus precautions at CALIF

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Dear Friends and Consumers:

We all are inundated with information about the Corona Virus or Covid-19 and for sure the news is frightening. At CALIF, we are careful to protect our board, staff, consumers and visitors from the spread of the virus while at the same time, balancing our efforts with reason and common sense:

✅ For the next two weeks til March 31st, CALIF remains OPEN but at reduced capacity.

✅ We encourage telephone appointments for intakes and case management. Contact your ILC advocate and set a follow up meeting; we will, at the asking, give you a self addressed stamped envelope for you to send in your documents needed.

✅ We are temporarily closing the Communications Center and the little Coffee area.

✅ We will do our own screening at the front desk and will require hand washing at the hallway restrooms before entering the office.

✅ We encourage covering your face when coughing, using baby wipes too and wearing your masks when you have them.

Please call CALIF AT (213) 627-0477. Visit us at www.

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