Yes on Measure M
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Yes on Measure M

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CALIF supports LA County Measure M and we hope you did the same!

Measure M, known as the “Los Angeles County Traffic Improvement Plan,” would provide approximately $120 billion over 40 years to significantly expand the rail transit system and support the bus system all over LA County, as well as provide first and last mile connections to stations for people on foot and on bike and users of all ages and abilities.

CALIF supports Measure M because this Measure would provide 2% of total funds estimated to be about $2.4 billion over 40 years dedicated to seniors and people with disabilities by: 

  • Offering discounted passes for older adults, people with disabilities, and students;
  • Increasing funding for paratransit services;
  • While this $2.4 billion is a base it could be increased over time.

In addition to the $2.4 billion, Measure M would also provide 17% of all total funds as Local Return dollars to LA County cities that will increase funding for:  Neighborhood sidewalks repair, additional curb cuts, local Dial-a-Rides, and increased number of connections to bus stops and rail stations.

We encourage you to join us to support an initiative that will impact everyone, including people with disabilities.

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